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Being a guitarist and songwriter since 1967, Jeff Wyatt has been affected by many musical influences that inevitably rear their heads in his music. But when it comes to overall preference of musical styles, he often falls back onto composition that includes some type of blues or blues/rock influence, although he would not strictly try to label himself a blues-man. Even though he tinkers with a variety of instruments, guitar is by far his specialty (electric, finger-style acoustic in standard and open tunings, and slide which he uses on both electric and acoustic guitar). Since his work is both instrumental and lyrical, electric and acoustic, it is difficult at times to strictly categorize. People compare his guitar work and vocal style to a combination of Ry Cooder, David Wilcox, Mark Knopfler, Neil Diamond, Johnny Cash, Gordon Lightfoot, Jeff Beck and others.

Jeff, originally from the Saskatchewan prairies (where he performed with the popular 70's prairie band EDEN), has been involved with the Canadian west coast music scene (writing, recording and performing live) since 1991, prior to his 24 year involvement with the Canadian prairie music scene. As well as being a musician he also graduated from the 'Digital/Analog Automated Recording Arts' program at Columbia Academy in Vancouver, Canada in 1992.

His earliest solo recording project of his own music dates back to 1990 with the album
Flight of the Hawk, which was a folksy, bluesy, rootsy compilation of original tunes presented in a simple, uncomplicated fashion.

In 1994 he produced a follow up solo EP entitled
The Bullfrog Session, which featured Jeff’s acoustic guitar playing skills as he further explored and expanded his acoustic guitar technique using slide and alternate tunings. The Bullfrog Session, also bluesy and rootsy, was recorded with Jeff performing on vocals and a single guitar only,…no additional instrumentation,… leaving it intimate, simple, clean, crisp and acoustically melodic. This album has been digitally re-mastered and re-released as of November 2011.

In 2005 Jeff co-invented a musical duo with songwriter Barry Greenfield, simply known as 'greenfield and wyatt' (subsequently shortened to 'greenfield wyatt'). Jeff and Barry released their collaborative album
Songs from the Rothstein in October 2005, which veteran music reviewer Tom Harrison of the Vancouver PROVINCE favorably scrutinized, complimenting Jeff's contribution with...
“Greenfield’s fourth and most atmospheric album thanks to Wyatt’s stately strings and fluid guitar…”.

With the eclectic concept album
Reflections at Every Corner release in 2008, veteran guitarist, singer, songwriter Jeff Wyatt presents a clever mix of Blues, Pop, Rock, Folk, Jazz, Ethnic, World and Classical music influences in his original and unique acoustic and electric song stylings.

Jeff released his 4th solo album
People Do Blues in February of 2011. The album’s 14 tracks explore various blues styles that have developed across the United States, including Country Blues, Southern Blues Rock, New Orleans Blues and Chicago Blues. Although each track is not necessarily “strict” blues as such, blues lovers will easily be able to hear and enjoy the inherent blues influences.

PEOPLE DO BLUES Album Reviews:

“Wyatt sings and plays with charm and those who favour a flavourful approach to swampy and slide guitar driven blues-rock to flashy but sterile blues (the curse of most contemporary blues) will like this record.” -
Tom Harrison of the Vancouver PROVINCE

“What strikes you from the first time you listen is the crafty, prominent sounding deep slide sounds in all the songs. A sound in the opening song "People do Blues" which resembles Mark Knopfler's "Money for Nothing" and a beautiful instrumental sound midway in the cd "Bodhi Surfing" is a similar approach.” -
Ron Bervoets,, Belgium

“That the man (guitar / slide) knows what he is doing is underlined with bravado on "I Just Got the News", "Chasing My Tail" with its beautiful country blues ode to "Mississippi" RL Burnside and "That's My Mom" (dedicated to his mother on her 80th birthday).” -
Francois Braeken,, Belgium

2011 also saw Jeff release 2 guitar instrumental singles, entitled
Max and the Squirrel and Mind the Time. And near the end of 2013 he released a guitar instrumental rendition of the Christmas classic Oh Holy Night.

Jeff brought in the New Year 2014 with the album release
Wanted (Soundtrack to Mike Reilly's "Tumbleweed"). He had recorded it throughout the summer and fall of 2013. Canadian west coast comedy scriptwriter MICHAEL B. REILLY of Canamera Entertainment Group (Radio Comedy Shows) hired Jeff to create this musical soundtrack for his fun Wild West production of TUMBLEWEED.

In February of 2014 Jeff worked once again with MICHAEL B. REILLY, this time arranging, recording and producing a song Mike co-wrote with MICHAEL VINCENT, also of Vancouver.
Heaven Knows was the song that was initially presented as a demo recording to Jeff. Although MICHAEL B's purpose was to add this recording to the tail end of his TUMBLEWEED album, permission was also granted to Jeff to release it on his own Cardboard Alley Music record label. Jeff released his single of Heaven Knows in June of 2014.

My Christmas Guitar, Jeff’s November 2014 release, is a contemporary approach to traditional Christmas favorites, with an obvious emphasis on guitar as the featured instrument. Electric and acoustic, finger-style and slide; the guitar playing styles vary, but the BLUES influence is evident. Reviews for this album have been posted on the Reviews page of this website.

2017 had been a busy year with the following album releases:
Life in the Woodshed, Off the Floor (with Jeff Wyatt & the Wreckn' Crew) and Privy to the Blues.

I last performed in the blues trio Jeff Wyatt & the Wreckin' Crew, with a solid rhythmn section consisting of Phil Howell (bass & vocals) and Vince Iormetti (drums).