We celebrate the life of Kasandra Fox
...a remarkable woman...


...who passed away suddenly on Good Friday April 9th, 2004 at approximately 3:30 AM at her home in Langley, British Columbia after suffering long from various physical afflictions.  Born, Florence Thelma Brakstad, a farmer’s daughter to hard working parents John and Thelma Brakstad in Kelvington, Saskatchewan on November 24th 1940, she possessed a rare innate wisdom and maturity that was far beyond her years.  Farm life in this rural area, known as High Hill was harsh yet rewarding and those early years near Kelvington as well as later near Tisdale taught many important values that remained with her all the 63 years of her life.  These included her love of people, nature and animals; her appreciation of creative cooking, even with minimal ingredients; also sewing, knitting, embroidery – all the traditional arts and crafts that rural life depended on.  Residing somewhat near Indian reservations and attending pow-wows as a child, she came to love and appreciate traditional native spirituality with its respect of nature and the Great Spirit that was present beyond, as well as within all creation.  This realization at such an early age impressed her young heart and mind, strongly influencing the direction her life was to take.   These spiritual values she was able to creatively apply to her own lifetime spiritual quest.

A Forward to This Dedication From the Editor 

Some of what you are about to read you will hopefully be touched by, some will tickle your funny bone, some may cause you to scratch your head and wonder, and some may downright amaze you causing you to think this writer’s a little off the deep end.  All of that’s okay because much of this was very difficult to put into words.   But, I’ve attempted to present the nature of this personality, which I’ve had the pleasure to know personally for one year short of 3 decades.  All of what you are about to read I can attest to as true from my own experience, as well as what was relayed to me from those I consider reliable sources.  It is my wish that the writing of this will do justice to this wonderful lady and her lasting memory. 

The reader of this dedication may have known Kasandra by any number of the legal names that she possessed throughout her life.  They include
Florence Brakstad, Florence Goodlad, Angelique Delaney and Kasandra Fox.  To make this writer’s job easier and as the latter was her legal name at the time of her passing, I will refer to her as Kasandra Fox for the remainder of this writing, unless noted otherwise.

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